Social class is a classification of people based on their social and economic standing. People are born into a social class and can move to different social classes for various reasons. Social class does not entirely define a person; however, it can indicate the daily challenges a person has had to overcome. People in lower social classes tend to have more health conditions and emotional hardships than other social classes (Bjornsdottir and Rule, 2019). Social class can also represent a person’s privileges that enable a particular lifestyle.

Examples of Social Class

  • Lower Class
  • Working Class
  • Middle Class
  • Upper-Middle Class
  • Upper Class

Researching Social Class

Researching social class can be helpful when exploring ways socioeconomic factors cause problems for some people and provide access to others. Results from this research can suggest why people have advantages over others. It can also reveal clues as to why a group of people may view others differently based on their social class.

Questions to Ask

  • What is this person’s current social class?
  • Into what social class was this person born?
  • How does social class provide opportunities or create barriers for this person?
  • How do others perceive this person’s social class? Are these perceptions harmful in some ways?

Look For

  • The quality of a person’s possessions
  • The neighborhoods/areas where people live
  • Ways a person talks about their social class



Updated: June 22, 2024 12:03 pm
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